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Company history

Amiral Technologies is a French CNRS (National Scientific Research Center)  spin-off. Its innovations are the result of 10 years of academic research in Automation, Control Theory and Artificial Intelligence. Its technology is revolutionising IIoT data processing for critical, complex and high value-added industries. At the heart of its innovations are its automatic feature generation algorithms for industrial time series of any kind. These innovations enable DiagFit, Amiral Technologies' software, to produce high performance predictive models capable of learning with little or no historical failure data. DiagFit meets the needs of our industrial customers, both in terms of their operating context and their specific equipment.


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Towards a future digital industry with zero defects and zero downtime! With our powerful and efficient failure prediction models, we maximise equipment availability and optimise maintenance costs.

An enterprise 4.0

We create value for our customers through:

  • embedded AI
  • intelligent automation
  • a new failure prediction solution for IIoT-enabled equipment
  • unique data sets


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